Training and onboarding that makes hospitality work smoothly

Keep everyone up-to-date and working according to standards

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Preview of app and mobile app

Sign up and create and share mobile courses

With just a few clicks you can create courses and invite your team

Our software - For managers and trainers

Easily create courses for your team and/or buy courses. Invite teams and monitor and analyze what courses they finished and what courses are still open.

Our software - For managers and trainers
Our mobile app - For employees

Learn bite sized courses flexible anywhere and anytime. Stay in the loop with the latest standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and team updates. Our app works on Android and iOS (iPhone).

Our mobile app - For employees

Get the most from our software

Onboarding for new or temporary employees

Speed up onboarding for new or temporary employees. Give them a head start with courses and information of your business.

Share operating procedures, updates and feedback

Keep everyone in the loop: chat, share images and videos, for instance new menu’s. Make sure your brand is represented consistently.

Courses from trainers / coaches in our network

We work with respected trainers and coaches who offer great courses on almost every area within hospitality.

Train your team and improve results in a cost efficient way

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Set up your online hospitality training without any tech skills needed

Create courses - easily train your team in your unique way of working

Create engaging multimedia courses - upload and order videos, images, texts and questions. No design or technical experience required.

Easily create courses

Invite your team to workshops and trainings

Easily add events where your users can sign up for, you can use it for your open workshops and also to schedule meetings and meetups.



Receive insights into the activity of your invited users. See who signed up, who finished what courses and joined which events.


Easily design the app with your branding

Make the mobile app have the same look and feel as your brand. No need to be a design guru, it's as easy as setting up a Facebook page.


Increase employee engagement

Offer a platform to employees where they can discuss anything related to learning and coaching. Stay in touch with experts and colleagues. Share updates and stay up-to-date.

Employee engagement

Data ownership

You always own 100% of your content - of all the content you place into our software. Easy as that.


Guidiance hosts your content safely in the cloud, backs it up and makes sure your images and videos will be shown fast and flawlessly in the mobile app.

Security / SSL

A 2048-bit SSL connection makes sure your information and the information of your users will be secure during their activities in our web application and mobile app.

Instant upgrades

We continuously update our software and all updates will become available directly and automatically.

Train your team and improve results in a cost efficient way

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