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  • Get new employees up-to-speed fast
  • Scalable, cost and time efficient
  • And… track analytics and optimize


  • Pre-boarding
  • Onboarding
  • Continuous training


  • Revenue
  • ROI
  • Employee loyalty

Learn everywhere
Make sure your firstline workforce receives the right education at the right time, build skills and knowledge in the field

Learning subscriptions for f1 workers
Click and go: in our store we offer courses and learning subscriptions

Or… easily build courses yourself
Easily train your team in your unique way of working and create engaging multimedia courses.
No design or technical experience required.
Or let our team of e-learning facilitators help you!

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Visible performance and usage

  • Learning activity and knowledge scores are saved and can be segmented by employee, role or location
  • View learning progress: see who has yet to start on a certain course and who finished courses
  • Unlock these statistics to supervisors and managers in your organisation

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We're partnering with Guidiance to make sure the latest best practices are available to our employees: from house rules to service training. With Guidiance it's easy to share knowledge, this ensures our employees being fully engaged and trained for any situation.

Gerrit-Jan Witzel
Chief Executive Officer

Firstline workers

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