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Coach and train your employees the smart and engaging way

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Sign up and create and share mobile courses

With just a few clicks you can create courses and invite your team

Our software - For HR & management

Easily create courses for your employees and/or offer courses from our course store, build knowledge and skills in a modern and flexible way. Invite teams and monitor and analyze what courses they finished and what courses are still open. For Enterprise users we offer advanced API-functionality.

Our software - For HR & management
Our mobile app - For your employees

Learn anywhere and anytime. Make continuous learning engaging with social interactions in our mobile app. And make onboarding, following courses and booking workshops fun and really work. Also: mobile learning offers higher completion rates and creates higher impact

Our mobile app - For your employees

Our software helps companies (big and small) to structure their learning and training

Spread and optimize internal processes - such as onboarding

Our software helps you to keep everyone in sync: be it for change management, organisational transformation, leadership or onboarding. You can easily use the mobile app as an onboarding tool to inform new employees on company values, vision and internal processes.

Manage online courses and workshops of coaches and trainers

High performance companies support proactive learners, with our software you can manage the offering of your coaches and trainers and let employees easily book workshops and follow mobile courses. Less administration and more employee engagement. We also work with coaches and trainers and we can help you find the right education for your company.

Learning and training for customers and channel partners

Create online courses and invite customers and channel partners, train them in a scalable way without much effort through your products and services. Educating them will make sure that you have more effective meetings and higher customer engagement.

One of our customers

Rabobank Salland

We are proud Rabobank Salland uses the Guidiance platform to inform employees on internal training opportunities, to book trainings and to provide feedback on the training through our mobile app.

Rabobank logo

Make mobile coaching and training also work for your company

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Set up your learning environment in a few click

Easily create courses

Create engaging courses - upload and order videos, images, texts and questions. Easily make your learnings actionable. No design or technical skills required.

Easily create courses

Communicate, engage and give feedback

Make sure your employees are engaged and up-to-date. Easily share updates and feedback. Blends in perfectly with on-the-job training.


Brand the mobile app in your company’s look and feel

Easily design the app with your branding. No need to be a design guru, it's as easy as setting up a Facebook page.


Learning retention

By creating courses that send content over time, you can reinforce content so learnings will stick. This way users don't get overwhelmed and stay motivated to keep coming back. Also the content will stay available, so it’s always there when you need to catch up on it.

Learning retention

Integrate courses into daily operations

Connect courses and results to your own software eco-system. We are connected to Zapier and have our own API, so you can easily send courses when needed and integrate results in your own software.


Data ownership

You always own 100% of your content - of all the content you place into our software. Easy as that.


Guidiance hosts your content safely in the cloud, backs it up and makes sure your images and videos will be shown fast and flawlessly in the mobile app.

Security / SSL

A 2048-bit SSL connection makes sure your information and the information of your users will be secure during their activities in our web application and mobile app.

Instant upgrades

We continuously update our software and all updates will become available directly and automatically.

Make mobile coaching and training also work for your company

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